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What is Green Pearl Recharge ?
  • Green Pearl Recharge is multi utility service provider
  • We offer online platform for Mobile recharge and many other services
  • We work on Distributor / Retailer  model of business and dont cater to end user directly
Why Should I Join Green Pearl Recharge ?
  • Offers opportunity for additional source of "Recurring" Income from existing setup
  • Very Afforable membership charge
  • Very easy to use and operate. If you can operate Mobile phone, you can join and start earning.
  • Higher Footfall on your business premises
  • No need to carry multiple mobile SIM Cards (demo cards ) for recharging or carrying multiple mobile phones
  • Operate business with almost ZERO Stock / Inventory
  • Multile services on single platform.
  • Automated Commission payments and many more.........
Is there any charges to join Green Pearl Recharge ? if yes, how much ?
  • Yes, the is charge to join Green Pearl Recharge
  • Charges vary for distributors and Retailer  but you can rest assure it is very nominal
  • Contact us for more details    

?What can I Earn by Joining Green Pearl Recharge ?

  • This depends upon the location of your existing business or your friend / businss circle.
  • Earing is directly linked to business volume , so more you do more you earn.

?Do I need any infrastructure for using becoming Member ?

  • You don't need any special infrasturcture to become member
  • A mobile phone will be enough as our website can be operated from GPRS
  • An internet connection would be advantageous.

?Do I Need to provide any proof while I apply for membership ? if yes, what Paper should I provide. ?

  • Yes, we will need photo identity proof and address proof to grant membership
  • Photo ID proof like Driving License, Voter ID Card, PAN Card is valid proof
  • For address proof we accept electricity bill, telephone bill or any other government recognized proof.
  • You will also have to sign a contract with Green Pearl Recharge before starting work.
Is Membership fee is refundable ?
  • No, membership fees are not refundable.